Why do students struggle to find a job?

I believe when you say students you simply mean collage students who are still in school.

Why do students struggle to find a job?

There are various reasons Why students may struggle to find a job.

  1. Lack of Work Experience: One of the main reason why students may struggle to find a job is the lack of work experience. May be this might be the first time the student is applying for a job and he/she may have limited or no work experience at all, it will be very hard for the student to compete with more experienced candidates for the job. Most of the time you will see that the employer will state it boldly that the candidate most have so to so years work experience in a specific field, before the candidate will be considered.
  2. Limited Job Opportunities: This is another reason why a lot of students find it difficult to get a job now. Most of the job opportunities are not for students who are still in school, imagine the employer asking for a degree holder while you are still in school and yet to finish. Most of the jobs opportunities are just for graduates not for students and most employers do not offer jobs to students.
  3. High Competition: In some industries and companies, there may be high competition for available jobs openings, which can make it difficult for students to stand out and secure a position.
  4. Timing: Students may also struggle to find a job if they are only available to work during certain hours or days such as evenings or weekends, which may not align with the needs of employers.
  5. Lack of networking: Students may not have developed a strong and liable network of professional contacts, which can be helpful in finding job opportunities and getting referrals for a job position. Since the student is still in school, all his/her friends might only be students or course mates.
  6. Lack job search skills: Some students may lack the necessary job search skills, such as resume writing, cover letter writing and interview preparations, to effectively market themselves to potential employers the available job opportunity. This might also be a reason why a students be find it difficult to find a job.
  7. Economic conditions: During times of economic recession or downturn, employers may be less likely to hire new employees, most especially students.

In conclusion looking at the above mentioned reasons why a student struggles to find a job, you will find out that the employers have certain requirements to consider before employing a student, which is very hard for a students to meet up with the requirements.

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