The 10 best email marketing tools for your business

The 10 best email marketing tools for your business

The 10 best email marketing tools for your business. Email marketing remains one of the most profitable digital marketing channels. With such a large audience and the ability to classify them into different groups based on their sociodemographics, emailing helps businesses reach more customers and subscribers, increase sales, and improve brand awareness. Therefore, if you want to carry out a campaign but do not know how to do it, in this article we point out the best email marketing tools for your business. You want to know more? Keep reading! The 10 best email marketing tools for your business.

The best email marketing tools

If you run an online store, you must be aware of the top email marketing strategies to draw in new consumers and send them informative or promotional emails. Email marketing is one of the most successful marketing techniques, especially for small businesses, as we have already covered. Due to how easy it is to use, you have total control over it and can communicate with clients directly.

No matter what sector your business operates in, email marketing may help you reach the appropriate people and give you a way to keep in touch with your target market even after they have left your website.

The 10 best email marketing tools for your business

The following are just a few of the many benefits of using this channel:

  • Loyalty: Email gives you the chance to entice users to a website to return to it repeatedly. those who return to a website are more likely to buy from it than those who only visit it once.
  • Returning Visitors: It’s thought that 97% of website visitors who leave a page never come back. However, you can promote repeat visitors by creating an email list.
  • Revenue growth: Email marketing often has high conversion rates of 15% or more. Furthermore, the purchases resulting from these campaigns also tend to be more expensive.

Having said that, software that enables the creation and management of email campaigns is known as an email marketing tool or platform. These tools are typically SaaS-based cloud-based. You may send any information through email with ease if your platform is good. From newsletters to advertising materials to cart recovery.

Next, the best email marketing tools :

1. Email Octopus

A well-known email marketing platform called Email Octopus attempts to offer users easy-to-use software. They provide templates that can be customized immediately in the drag-and-drop editor. You can also launch brand-new campaigns thanks to it. It is very deliverable, provides tailored reporting, supports drip mail campaigns, contacts import, and form integration.

Two plans—one free and one paid—are available for the application. You get access to up to 2,500 subscribers and 10,000 emails monthly with the free plan.

2. Mailchimp

One of the greatest and most well-known email marketing platforms available is definitely Mailchimp. It is particularly suitable for newcomers, start-ups, SMEs, and startups. It performs a variety of tasks, including the following:

  • Email automation
  • Templates
  • Data segmentation
  • Personalization
  • CRM integration
  • Lead Capture Forms
  • A/B testing

This platform offers a number of payment options, as well as a free one that comes with up to 2,000 contacts and an audience. Finally, in order to personalize your marketing, you can gather predictive data from your contacts.

3. Moosend

Moosend is an email automation application that enables you to customise emails, create your own email list, and automate processes. The campaign builder’s drag and drop email templates are incredibly user-friendly.

You can include photos, text blocks, icons, and many other things using this tool. Additionally, it has a sizable collection of email templates with various layouts optimized for desktops and mobile devices.

4. ConvertKit

ConvertKit offers mailing services. It is primarily concerned with supporting bloggers, podcasters, and other businesses that are growing their audiences. Since it appears as though your designs came directly from Gmail, it’s perfect for bloggers looking to send personalized text-based emails.

For individuals who want to execute extremely focused ads, this tool is especially suggested. You will be able to run automated campaigns for highly specific contact groups thanks to the platform’s adaptable segmentation and labeling technology. A free option with a monthly cap of 1,000 users is available.

5. MailJet

One tool does it all with MailJet. Web-based, it enables transactional and marketing initiatives. Additionally, you can use the service to select the best IP address for the emails and perform real-time monitoring with advanced reports to guarantee a high delivery rate.

This platform integrates two essential email kinds for any business into a single application:

  • Emails with marketing content, such as promotions or announcements of new products.
  • Transactional emails, including those that confirm orders, delivery products, etc.

6. Doppler

The Doopler platform is a cheap and easy way to deliver bulk or automated mailings, newsletter designs, or segmented and personalized mailings.

With hundreds of templates available, it offers a quick and simple template editor that can be used to select the one that best meets the requirements of any organization. Additionally, it is a platform that is accessible in both Spanish and English, and its support staff has every communication tool possible, which is unquestionably a huge advantage.

It has extra capabilities like the ability to send SMS messages and push alerts, as well as the ability to build forms for prospective customers to sign up for your communications, that can be a great addition to your mailing strategy.

Depending on your company’s demands, the tool offers a variety of premium options, though you may already add up to 500 contacts and use its 3-month free trial to explore all of its capabilities.

7. GetResponse

It is an all-in-one marketing software platform that facilitates content creation, sales growth, and website traffic. You may automate necessary processes and start successful marketing campaigns with the help of email marketing, autoresponders, and integrated landing sites.

Advanced analytics, on the other hand, make it simple to monitor ROI, leads, and conversions.

8. HubSpot

As you may already be aware, Hubspot is the market’s most complete marketing platform. One of the simplest methods for creating, optimizing, and sending emails is to use your email marketing software.

Client organizations don’t need to be specialists in the subject to produce eye-catching emails. You may plan the correct emails to send to the right prospects at the right time by choosing from hundreds of features and actions. In addition, Hubspot has a visual editor that enables users to see workflows as they are being created, whether they are building a straightforward follow-up sequence or a sophisticated multi-stage, multi-path journey.

9. ActiveCampaign

Although Active Campaign is a lesser-known tool in the marketing automation industry, it is undoubtedly one of the most affordable suppliers of high-quality software for small businesses.

Emailing workflows are extensive and simple to operate, and your integrated CRM is synced with all of this information to give sales enhanced lead scoring capabilities. This is a method of giving points to certain subscribers based on the actions they choose to take. The technology makes it simple for users to enter a new automation funnel or be contacted by salespeople once they hit the point level.

10. Easymailing

Easymailing is a simple and intuitive email marketing solution available in Spanish. It is targeted so that businesses with little resources or digital expertise can easily complete their everyday tasks in it.

Its professional, responsive, and customizable templates are among the many features it provides, all of which are intended to increase conversion rates. Additionally, it creates reports and statistics to optimize campaigns and lets you manage subscribers through web forms.

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