School-In-Germany: IU University Germany Scholarship 2023/2024

The IU University Germany Scholarship 2023/2024 is open for interested persons who wish to apply for the scholarship. This is a Fantastic and good Opportunity to Attend One of the Best Universities in Germany Without Taking the IELTS.

School-In-Germany: IU University Germany Scholarship 2023/2024

All overseas applicants are welcome to apply for the IU University Scholarships 2023. School-In-Germany: IU University Germany Scholarship 2023/2024. The IU University is a private German university that provides 75% scholarships to all incoming students.

Without IELTS, they will accept international applications. Application for the IU University Germany Scholarship 2023/24 is open to all nationalities. They provide bachelor’s, master’s, and MBA degrees. Most recently, a diploma pathway was added.

Applicant can obtain his one-of-a-kind High School Diploma from IU International University of Applied Sciences thanks to a partnership with Cambridge Assessment International Education. Secondly. IU currently has about 85,000 students enrolled. 

Scholarship Details

  • Host Country:  Germany
  • Study Mode:  Online, onsite
  • Category : Bachelor, Masters, MBA, Diploma
  • Eligible Countries: All Countries are eligible
  • Reward:  75% Scholarship
  • Deadline: Open throughout the year
  • To Receive Scholarship Alerts: On Telegram Click Here

Scholarship Details

List of Nations Exempt from IELTS Applicants who reside in or are citizens of these nations are exempt from taking the IELTS test. Without IELTS, they can continue their education. Without IELTS, IU ranks among Cheap Universities.

It is feasible to relax the language requirements for nations where English is the official language and the language of instruction. For applicants who are citizens of the following nations, proof of English language competency may not be required, check the list below:

Semester abroad
If applicants can provide proof of a semester studied abroad in an English-speaking country, it is
possible to recognize their English language skills at the B2 Level. It must however be specified that
the language of instruction during the studies was English.

Native speakers / Nationality
The claim that someone uses English at a native-speaker level is on its own not enough for the
recognition of their language skills. Evidence is always required in the form of a school diploma,
proof of a longer stay in an English-speaking country, or through the results from one of the tests
which we accept.
The nationality of exclusively English-speaking countries (UK, USA, New Zealand, Ireland and
Australia) is on its own enough evidence of the English language skills.

For countries where English is the official and educational language, it is possible to waive the
language requirements. Proof of English language proficiency may be waived for applicants with
citizenship of the following countries:

  1. American Samoa
  2. Anguilla
  3. Antigua and Barbuda
  4. Australia
  5. Bahamas
  6. Barbados
  7. Bermuda
  8. Botswana
  9. British West Indies
  10. British Virgin Islands
  11. Canada (if earlier education is taught in English)
  12. Cayman Islands
  13. Channel Islands
  14. Christmas Islands
  15. Cocos Islands
  16. Cook Islands
  17. Dominica
  18. England
  19. Eritrea (if earlier education is taught in English)
  20. Eswatini / Swaziland
  21. Ethiopia (if earlier education is taught in English)
  22. Falkland IslandsFiji
  23. Gambia
  24. Ghana
  25. Grenada
  26. Guam
  27. Guyana
  28. Heard Island
  29. India (if earlier education is taught in English)
  30. Ireland
  31. Isle of Man
  32. Jamaica
  33. Kenya
  34. Kiribati
  35. Leeward Islands
  36. Lesotho
  37. Liberia
  38. Malawi
  39. Malta
  40. McDonald Island
  41. Montserrat
  42. Namibia
  43. New Zealand
  44. Nigeria
  45. Niue
  46. Norfolk Island
  47. Northern Ireland
  48. Papua New Guinea
  49. Philippines (if earlier education is taught in English)
  50. Pitcairn Islands
  51. Rwanda (if earlier education is taught in English)
  52. St. Helena
  53. St. Kitts & Nevis
  54. St. Lucia
  55. St. Vincent
  56. Scotland
  57. Sierra Leone
  58. Singapore
  59. South Africa
  60. The Grenadines
  61. Tanzania
  62. Tonga
  63. Turks and Caicos Islands
  64. Trinidad and Tobago
  65. Uganda
  66. United Kingdom
  67. United States of America
  68. US Virgin Islands
  69. Wales
  70. Western Samoa
  71. Zambia
  72. Zimbabwe

For countries where English is an official language or the language of education, evidence is needed to
be provided with the length of studies. This can be, for example, confirmation of English as a
language of instruction. If this is provided, the language skills can be recognized.

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How To Apply

Interested candidates and applicants are to click the apply button below to proceed with the application on the official website for this scholarship

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