How To Check Your Polling Unit For 2023 General Election

Here are the procedures on How To Check Your Polling Unit For 2023 General Election.

Checking of your present polling unit for the 2023 general election is now very easy for you and everyone who have been thinking on how to recall or find out the possible way to do that.

Here are the possible and available ways to check.

  1. By using the text method
  2. By using the INEC portal method

By using the text method: Simply take your phone and Text the 9 digits code of your Permanent Voters Card to 8014.

Once you send the Nine (9) digits code patiently wait for the network to reply you with your polling unit address, it will not take up to 5 minutes for your polling unit to be sent to you.

The second method by visiting the Inec portal: Simply visit the inec portal, all you need is your first name, last name, your date of birth, the state and local government area. Once you have all these in place then you are good to go.


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