2023 Internet Society Foundation Grants Program

Hi reader, this is to inform you that the Internet Society Foundation Grants Program is here and open for interested applicants to take advantage of by applying today. But before then, we encourage you to read carefully and understand what we have for you in this post.

Internet Society Foundation Grants Program

The Research Program of the Internet Society Foundation promotes international research alliances that deepen knowledge of the Internet and its benefits to all.

This 2023 Internet Society Foundation Grants Program is meant for practical and open research, which means that the research tries to answer a real-world challenge and should be fully published and freely available to the scientific community. When a responsible entity certifies that a study is ethical and in accordance with local legislation, the Foundation supports research involving human or animal subjects. It is the project’s Principal Investigator’s obligation to secure these credentials.

Thematic area

  • Greening the Internet
  • The Internet Economy
  • A Trustworthy Internet
  • Decolonizing the Internet
  • Greening the Internet: Ecology and climate change are both affected and affected by the Internet. Having a critical awareness of this influence is crucial to the Internet’s resilience and long-term viability. This awareness could include an assessment of the Internet’s energy usage or the pollutants and garbage caused by its use. It may take into account the Internet’s enabling effect on other industries in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It could look into how climate change and extreme weather affect Internet infrastructure and connectivity. Greening the Internet research should raise awareness about these and other concerns involving the Internet’s environmental footprint and the sustainability measures required for it and the planet to thrive.
  • The Internet Economy: New and growing Internet-based activities have the potential to alter economic landscapes and lead to uncertain economic outcomes. Understanding the interactions that make up the Internet Economy has the ability to change this uncertainty. Unpacking how the Internet affects old conceptions about competition, production, and consumption of products and services could be important in allowing everyone to participate in a fast-digitized global economy in an equitable and profitable manner. Proposals for Internet Economy research should include an investigation of past or current ecosystems that provide insight into the future of the Internet and its dependent market(s).
  • A Trustworthy Internet: The Internet is entirely trustworthy if and only if it is completely resilient, reliable, responsible, and secure in a way that meets users’ expectations for information and services on a constant basis. The Internet is only trustworthy when it conforms to what people expect it to do, regardless of whether those expectations are fair. Furthermore, trustworthiness is not limited to a single network layer, and it is feasible that some areas of the Internet are trustworthy while others are not. For example, even if the application layer is stable and safe, there could be gaps in the logic or infrastructure, or there could be mistrust in the content.
  • Decolonizing the Internet: They acknowledge that the emergence of the Internet was dependent on industrial society, which by definition utilized resources taken from Indigenous peoples and communities all over the world. They acknowledge that the Internet has the potential to spread inequality and injustice, particularly when its design is not inclusive or varied. They recognize that the Internet has the capacity to invalidate and render obsolete conventional means of information generation and knowledge exchange, as well as to obliterate languages and civilizations. It does not, however, have to. Instead, the Internet can serve as a platform for healing, freeing, and transformative behaviors that connect the past to a more just future or bring those on the margins closer to the center. Decolonizing Internet research should look into these and other techniques.


This 2023 Internet Society Foundation Grants Program provides two levels of funding:

  • Independent researchers may apply for funding up to US$200,000, directly to individuals who are identified as the principal investigator on the project and he/she will be responsible for grant management including all reporting requirements during the life of the grant.
  • Organizations and institutions may apply for funding up to US$500,000. One or more awards in each of the thematic areas are anticipated subject to fiscal year funding.


  • Independent researchers should have a postgraduate research degree (Ph.D. or Master) and a track record of peer-reviewed publications, patents, and academic or independently published work in the relevant field.
  • Public research institutions should be 501c3 or comparable, with a mandate similar to that of the Foundation. Private organizations are not eligible to receive money.

How To Apply

interested and qualified applicants should:

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